How to Clean White Leather Purse and Wallet

A white leather purse looks modern and sleek. A purse and a wallet are two different things and bear a marked difference. A wallet is a small flat case for essentials like money, ID, and a card, while a purse is a small bag usually used to carry cash and other items.

The word 'purse' is associated with women, and 'wallet' is for men. No one can deny the importance of having a purse or wallet. Some people keep these items close to them and update with every new item. People keep purses or wallets for several reasons, such as:

  • It is convenient to keep your essentials and other items safe in the case instead of putting them in your pocket. 
  • Things in the purse and wallets are safe; the probability of losing your items is very low. 
  • It is a status symbol for some people, and some consider having expensive bags and wallets as a part of their lifestyle. 
  • Different items like cards and money remain intact. It doesn't damage your ID and document as well. 
  • You can easily find everything in the purse or travel wallet

    Although there are several reasons why people keep purses or wallets with them, the condition of the purse or wallet doesn't remain the same as it gets dirty with time. A white leather wallet is a magnet for dirt, dust, and other particles. Due to the natural oxidation of pure leather, the yellowish color starts appearing over the surface. Moreover, the oil and other stains from hands and pocket ruin its color. 

    Different Ways to Clean White Leather Purse and Wallet?

    People who wear Denim or dark clothing must be more conscious of their white leather wallets. There are numerous chances that the natural white color of the leather purse will not be the same after some time.

    Therefore, this guide is here to help you in this regard. Where there is a problem, there is an authentic solution. And we're going to discuss some of those solutions here. 

    • Clean Your Purse with Baby Wipes, Microfiber Cloth, and an Eraser 

    Baby wipes are an excellent choice for cleaning dirty leather wallets. Baby wipes are good only when they contain no alcohol or fragrance. So, remember to read the label before using it for your wallet or purse. Gently rub it on your purse to clean the dirt. Apply pressure and circular buffing motion on stains. 

    After a few minutes, apply the same circular buffing motion on the stain using a microfiber cloth. Apply a soft rub on the corner and fragile parts. Now let the purse or wallet naturally dry for a couple of hours. When it is completely dry, it is time for the final step. 

    Get a new regular white eraser. The white eraser is a good option to avoid the risks of transferring color to a purse or wallet. Use an eraser to erase the dirt and stain gently. Keep rubbing the affected area but avoid rubbing too long. After this step, use the microfiber cloth and apply it like you did previously. Keep doing these steps a few more times to get the bag in genuine condition. 

    • Use White Vinegar 

    Organic distilled vinegar is another great product for cleaning white leather wallets and purses. This type of vinegar doesn't damage the leather if you use it in small quantities. There are many ways vinegar can be an ideal product for cleaning leather purses and wallets. 

  • A few drops of organic distilled vinegar in warm water will do the job for you. You can also add dishwashing detergent to it.
  • Vinegar with olive oil is another great way to clean leather wallets or purses. First, apply vinegar on stains or dirt, and then use olive oil. You can also mix olive oil and vinegar and clean the leather bag and purse with a paper towel. 
  • Create a solution with two parts of linseed oil and one part of vinegar oil. Apply and remove it after 12 hours with a clean and dry cloth.
  • For mold and mildew removal, you can use vinegar again with warm water. Dampen the white cloth in the solution and apply it to your purse or wallet. When no mold is in the affected area, let the wallet naturally dry for a few hours. 

    As mentioned above, vinegar is used with many other products for cleaning leather. Although vinegar is an excellent product for cleaning leather purses, some experts don't recommend it for leather purses or wallets.

    They claim that using vinegar could make it smelly and worsen the overall quality of leather. So, applying it to a tiny area and noticing the results afterwards is wise. If you see visible changes, apply it to the rest of the affected area. 

    • Methylated Spirit and White Shoe Polish 

    If you want to clean oil, stains, and other substances from your wallet and restore it to its original condition, methylated spirit, and white show polish are excellent options in this regard. Aside from these two products, take clean rags and rubber gloves too. 

    The cleaning process involves damping the clean rags in methylated spirits and wiping over the stained area. When the surface is clean, let it dry for about half an hour. Use clean rags again to apply the white shoe polish on the leather, let it dry, and buff it with a clean cloth.

    If you follow these steps, you will get your wallet back in perfect condition. Follow the same method in case some stubborn spots are still on the leather surface. 

    • Baking Soda

    Baking soda is an effective solution for oil and other stains. The process is simple: spread baking soda over the surface and clean it later with a damping cloth. Don't use the purse instantly. Instead, leave it overnight for better results and clean it with a white cloth.

    You can also mix it with warm water and apply it gently over the surface to clean stains. One tablespoon of baking soda in a small quantity of water is enough to make the paste for scuff marks. 

    • Use Baby Powder

    Baby powder is an excellent cleaning option for white leather. It is suitable when there are oil stains on your wallet or purse. All you have to do is to sprinkle some powder over the area and leave it there for a night. Take a microfiber cloth to wipe it off. If you still find some stains, go for the same method again. 

    Other Recommended Ways to Clean White Leather Purse or Wallet

  • The use of saddle soap with a microfiber cloth is another great alternative for removing dirt and other stains from the wallet and purse. Make sure the cloth is clean and dry. 
  • Leather cleaners are good-to-go cleaning options after cleaning. It helps retain its original condition with a more modern and newer look due to the presence of natural ingredients and essential oils. Don't apply leather cleaner on a wet surface; let it dry. Professional leather cleaning products may cost you more, but they are an effective solution for expensive leather purses and bags.
  • Discoloration is another big problem in white leather purses or bags. To avoid gray spots. Cut an onion in half and move it over the affected surface in a circle. Wipe it off with a damp cloth later. 
  • Use a damp and clean cloth to remove blood stains from a white leather wallet or purse. 
  • If removing ink stains from the white leather is difficult, use white shoe polish. Apply white shoe polish to cover the stains completely. Gently rub and wipe it off with a cloth at the end. 
  • Dip the bag in water and apply non-gel toothpaste. Apply a small quantity on the stain and gently scrub it with the toothbrush. Wipe and let it dry for a few minutes. 
  • Take equal parts of cream tarter and lemon juice and mix them well. Apply this solution to the affected area and let it dry for 30 minutes. Use a damp sponge to wipe off the material from the leather surface. 
  • Nail polish remover can also be an alternative for cleaning leather purses. It can conveniently remove scuff and ink stains from wallets. 
  • Street dirt on white leather bags is a common thing. Some drops of ammonia in water can remove these stains. 
  • Another way to remove ink stains from the white leather purse is by using hair spray on the affected area and wiping it off with a clean, dry cloth. 
  • Tips to Prevent Your White Purse and Wallet from Dirt and Stains

    Alum tanning is a method that creates white leather using aluminum salt. The final product of white leather looks sleek, pristine, and supple compared to other dyed colors.

    Although the white colors add beauty to a wallet, it is also more exposed to a variety of dust, oil, stain, and other problems.

    Below are some ways you can protect your white leather purse and wallet. 

    The leather purse or bag should not touch your jeans. If it touches the clothes and colored jeans, the probability of transferring color is much higher. 

  • Don't put your bag on the ground to protect it from dirt. 
  • Don't let the stains and oil stay on the leather surface. It becomes hard to remove these substances, so clean your bag as early as possible. 
  • Don't use a wet or moist bag. Let it fully dry after cleaning it.
  • The solution you use should be according to the nature of the stains. 
  • Always use soft brushes and cloth. 
  • Remove fingerprints, traces of cosmetics, dirt, and grease immediately with a dry cloth. 
  • Don’t use different substances you see online for cleaning the white leather bag. Always try it on the small hidden area first. If you find convincing results, go for the affected area.
  • Clean your bag, purse, or zip wallet regularly. 
  • Choose organic and natural products to clean your purse. 
  • Always keep your purse in a dust-free place when not in use. 
  • To Conclude... 

    White leather men’s wallets and purses are more demanding items and favorite accessories for men and women, respectively. Now you know how to clean a white leather purse and wallet, and you can use these methods and tips to achieve the desired results. Get your white leather bags in pristine condition by using the above-mentioned cleaning options. 

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