How to Measure a Purse

If you are a fan of online shopping, the new show teaches how to measure a woman's purse correctly. Sometimes we order things online, and when they arrive, they differ from our expectations because we need to learn how to take proper measurements. If you want to avoid that, you should learn how to measure a handbag so it can hold all of your essentials without any trouble. 

There are different sizes available according to different manufacturers and designers. Length and width are terminologies used for each other whenever you are measuring a handbag. Learning some different skills is good because they will never go to waste. 

Knowing how to take the measurements of a purse will be a valuable skill for you at a certain point in your life whenever you need to get your hands on that specific handbag you like online.

This article will discuss how to measure a purse correctly. So without any further wait, keep reading to find more information below.

How To Take the Measurements Of A Purse?

Learning how to take the measurements of your purse is an important thing you need to do so that you can know the exact time mentioned of a bag whenever you purchase it, primarily online.

When you buy a handbag online, you can only determine the size of the bag by looking at the picture. The bag might look too small or too large in the picture, but that will not be the case when it arrives at your doorstep. 

So, to avoid disappointment, you must take all the measurements properly to make the right purchase. The website listings are different on every website; you need to learn bag measurement to use it as your guide. Even if the sizes of a bag are not listed on the website, you still need to know how to take the measurement correctly.

What are purse measurements?

There are three important measurements whenever you are about to measure a purse. The first is the length, the second is the height, and the third is the width. 


If you go on a website listing of their manufacturer, a person might have listed the measurements or dimensions of a purse in such a way

10"L x 7"H x 6"W.

The above measurements mean that the length of the bag is 10 inches and the height is 7 inches. In contrast, the width of the bag is 6 inches. It is how you can learn to take the correct measurements of the bag, and then you won't have to face any disappointment while shopping online for women's purses.

Measuring The Length Of A Purse

Whenever you are about to measure the handbag, it is recommended that you measure the length first.

Measure the length of the bag from the front and then measure along the base of the front. Make sure that you are moving the measuring tape for the scale from left to right, and then you can take the correct measurement of the length of the handbag.

How To Measure The Height Of A Purse?

The second thing you want to measure is the height of the purse. Start by taking this measurement from the purse's center and then measure the bag's front.

Make sure you start from the base of the purse, then take your measuring tape to the top of the purse. It is important to remember that you are not going to measure or count the handles of your purse while taking the measurements. The same is the case with the straps because they are not included in the measurement of your bag.

Measuring The Width Of A Bag?

The last step is to measure the bag's width and take it from the side of the purse. Start from the base of the purse and then take the measuring tape from the back to the front. As you are coming to the friend, then not the measurement on the measuring tape, and you will have the width of the bag.

What Is the Depth Of The Purse?

There is no standard size of handbags worldwide because all the manufacturers are different. The same is the case with all the designers, who have different measurements for all their handbags.

Some manufacturers of handbags use a combination of LHW, while others use HWD. D is for the bag's depth, and it can confuse many people who need to learn what they are talking about. Depth is the same thing as width when it comes to the measurement of a purse.

How To Measure the Depth Of The Bag?

When you want to measure the depth of a purse, the instructions are the same as measuring the purse's width because both things are the same.

The only thing you need to make sure of is to start taking the measurements from the side of the purse, and then you have to go to the front and then back.

What Is the Drop Length Of A Purse? 

The drop length of the purse refers to the measurement of the handles of the shoulder straps on the purse. Start taking this measurement from the top of the person, then go down to the lowest point of the bag.

How To Measure the Drop Length?

To measure the purse's drop length, you have to go from the top to the low point inside the handles of the shoulder straps of the purse.

You can also start taking this measurement by taking your measuring tape to the center and top of the bag, and then you have to measure in the upward direction.

You can take the mailing tape to the inside of the shoulder strap, and that is how you can measure the drop length.

How to Measure the Length of The Handbag Strap?

Measuring the length of the handbag's strap is very easy because you have to go from one end to another. After all, it is connected to the bag. Measure the strap length with the opposite, where it will join the bag with the hand strap. 

Final Verdict

Learning how to measure women's purses to continue your online shopping without any restrictions is helpful.

The same method can be used for the measurement of men’s wallets. You can find some amazing zip wallets and travel wallets online and measure them accordingly.

To ensure that the bag you order online will be the same in real life, you must learn how to measure the back correctly. Above we have mentioned all the necessary information, and after reading that, you will be equipped to easily measure different types of bags and women's purses.

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