Zip wallets also knowns as zipper wallets or zip around wallets are special wallets with a metallic, Nylon, or plastic chain zip closing the otherwise open ends of the wallets together. Such wallets are technically closed purses but are traditionally categorized as wallets due to their smaller size factor.

Why small zip wallets are popular?

Small zip around wallets are quite popular not only among women but men too. There are two main features of zip wallet that makes them unique compared to other types of wallets.

  1. Zip wallets are secure: This is probably the biggest advantage of carrying a zip wallet. It is secured by a zip around the wallet that closes and makes it impossible for your items to fall out accidentally. This gives you extra peace of mind knowing that all your valuables are securely tucked inside.
  2. Zip wallets are spacious: Most zip wallets you will see in the market are designed for holding in hand (not for pocket) so they are quite spacious. Most can carry your new iPhone and have accordions for different items.

Who are zip wallets for?

Like most fashion items, there is no gender specification when it comes to zip wallets. Most zip up wallets are designed to be unisex. Since fashion is continuously evolving, we see both men and women using zip-around wallets every day.

Zip wallets for men

Although it's not a hard and fast rule, zip wallets for men are often smaller in size than women. On average, men don't carry as many items as women do, so designers like us cater to men's needs by designing something more compact, fits in a jacket pocket and still gives you the security and space of a zip wallet.

Out Zipper mini wallet is specially designed, keeping this requirement in mind. However, many of our female customers also buy the mini zipper wallet, so as I said - no hard and fast rule here.

Womens zip wallets

Women's zip wallets are designed to carry many items, including smartphones, keys, maybe a few makeup items, etc. As I said, women tend to carry more items on average, and that's why when we design zip around wallets for ladies, we tend to make them long and spacious.

Our zipper wallet is specially designed keeping that specific use in mind. Although a lot of men also carry bigger zip wallets.

What are zip wallets used for?

Due to their spacious form factor, zip wallets are very handy for a lot of use cases and occasions. Some of them are below.

Perfect everyday wallet

Wallets are an integral part of our everyday life, and a zip wallet is great for carrying around daily. It has enough space for all your everyday essentials like your phone, cash, cards, coins, and your apartment keys. You don't have to compromise what to carry and what to leave behind because there is enough room for everything.

We have designed our zip wallets to organize your items in their respective pockets so that you can find what you need with a single glimpse. There are dedicated card pockets, a slot for your smartphone, cash pockets, and even a separate magnetically secured pocket for your coins and keys.

Zip travel wallets

The one thing you need when you are in a foreign land or even in a different city is extra peace of mind that all your important stuff (ID card, cash, travel documents etc.) are securely tucked in your wallet. That's why zip travel wallets are quite popular among habitual travelers.

Features of a Good zip wallet

If you are going to buy your first zip wallet, look for the following features or qualities.


Like every wallet, the quality and type of material are of the utmost importance. The best zip wallets are made from high-quality full-grain leather. Leather zip around wallets are long-lasting, look luxurious, and have a great feel in hand. To read more about the leather we use to make our zip wallets, head over to our leather page.

Zip make and type

After the zip wallet material, the next thing is to check if the zipper used is of good quality or not. A good quality zipper is normally made of golden brass, nickel, aluminum or manganese. They provide long life, are smooth to operate, and don't stuck often.

We use original YKK zippers metal to make sure our wallets last long and don' fall apart from everyday use.


The next consideration is the design of the zipper wallet itself. Although the design is subjective and it's hard to make a product for every use, there are products that tackle most everyday use cases.

Our zippers are designed to carry your cards, cash, phone, and other miscellaneous objects that you find yourself with on daily basis.

Some designers opt for accordion zip wallets, but we follow the concept of minimalism and reductionism and remove everything that doesn't add value for most users. Accordion, in our opinion, adds additional fluff and thickness to the design, and hence we try to avoid them as much as possible.

RFID protection

The last thing to look for in your zip around wallet is RFID protection. Although it is not necessary if you are going to travel a lot and carry sensitive RFID-enabled cards and passports in your zipper, you should make sure they are protected from any unauthorized RIFD skimming. Read more about RFID skimming on our blog.