What to do if You Lost Your Wallet While Traveling?

Wallets are still the best way to take cash with you, even though we have entered the digital era where mobile payments are dominating traditional wallets. However, it is hard to deny the importance of having wallets. The importance of men’s wallets dignifies and becomes more obvious when you're traveling. Your mobile payment services may not be acceptable in other areas or countries; therefore, wallets keep money and essentials safe while traveling. 

Losing the wallet during vacation or traveling is the most stressful thing one can imagine. Aside from money, you might also lose credit and debit cards, insurance cards, national IDs, driving licenses, and other gift cards. 

So, this type of situation ruins your incredible journey and leaves you in a state of utter disappointment. Suppose you have lost your wallet while traveling; worry not. You can get your money abroad and fix things if you follow some tips and suggestions. 

Steps to Do If You Lost Your Wallet While Travelling 

Losing the zip wallet is a nightmare experience for people, especially when they are away from their town, city, or country. We have articulated some of the most recommended and proven tips to put your fears to rest. 

  • Don’t Panic 

The first and foremost thing you should do if you lose your wallet is to stay calm and not panic. Although it is the worst experience, panicking wouldn't help and only worsen the whole situation. Here are a few ways to overcome this condition. 

  • Always be prepared. 
  • Control your emotions and sudden actions. 
  • Have a positive mental attitude 
  • Take a few deep breaths 
  • Drink some water 
  • Talk to someone 
  • And consider the next steps 

    When you take these steps after losing your wallet, your mind will think logically about the best possible solution.

    Researchers conducted studies and found that the probability of finding wallets with money is high. So, you have to stay calm and hope for the best. When it comes to the next step, do this. 

    • Try to Find Your Wallet

    There are two conditions; either the purse is stolen or lost. There is a high probability that it is lost somewhere in many different possible ways. When you're not panicking, you can think of where you might have left the wallet. You have enough time to search and find the wallet. 

    Think about the place where you saw the wallet for the last time or where you picked it up to pay for something you purchased. 

    If you think ideally, you can easily find the wallet. And people often find their wallets when they go straight to where they saw their wallet last time. Time is your asset here, and you must put maximum effort into finding it without wasting any minute. 

    On the other hand, if you waste time reporting the missing item, you can lose the wallet forever.  Therefore, go from place to place and try to find it. Someone with your wallet may be waiting for you. 

    • Search Places You Could Have Run Off To (Café, Bar, or Restaurant)

    Ask yourself different questions such as 'where did I see the wallet last time' What were you wearing when you saw the wallet last time? If you can't focus on the context, try searching for the most obvious place to which your wallet could have run off. It includes your dresser, pile of cloth, or your gym bag. 

    If this doesn't work well, the ideal approach is to call the places you have visited in the last few hours. It could be a shop or café because most people forget to pick their wallets up from the counters after paying the bill. Additionally, you can call the restaurant where you stayed last time. 

    • Freeze Your Accounts 

    Now close your accounts on a priority basis. Debit cards are directly linked to your bank account. Therefore, the first card you should freeze is your debit card to protect your funds in the bank. On the other hand, credit cards are much safer and offer more fraud protection. 

    There are many ways to freeze your accounts. Nowadays, almost every bank offers a mobile app. There is an option for closing your account in the mobile app. Open the mobile app and freeze your account accordingly. 

    If you don't have the mobile app, worry not. You can call your bank and talk to the representative online. They will ask you some questions, and you just have to tell them that you have lost the wallet. 

    The bank will freeze your assets and no unauthorized purchase will happen. Don't tell banks that you want a new card; instead, tell them the whole story. After freezing the accounts, the bank will issue new emergency cards with some funds for your use. 

    You can use free calling options such as WhatsApp and Viber to contact your bank if you're in another country. Bank's number is on Google, and just one click away. Another great tip is to take pictures of your credit/debit card and documents and store them on the phone. Furthermore, if you have money in the bank, you can send it to someone and get the cash

    • Go to the Police 

    If you can't find the wallet and you've frozen the cards temporarily, the best logical and appropriate step is to go to the police. This approach is greatly helpful when it comes to finding the stolen wallet. Moreover, no one will be able to use your ID and bank cards. It gives you peace of mind that your wallet will be in your hand soon.

    According to FBI reports, the larceny-theft rate in the US in 2019 was 1549.5 per 100,000 inhabitants. This rate decreased to 1394.5 in 2021, according to Statista. It means you're not the only one with a wallet stolen, so you shouldn't hesitate to report the file. If anyone finds your wallet, a filed police report will help you get your travel wallet back. Hence, you will get your wallet back in no time. 

    It is wise to come with all the important documents to file a report. If you don't have everything with you, it may take longer. If there is a language barrier, you can go to the police station with a travel agent. 

    • Call Someone to Send You the Money 

    No one can deny that one of the worst things is getting stuck abroad with no money. You can't do anything when you have no money in your hand. You need money to eat, travel, stay, and return home. 

    The best approach in this scenario is to call someone to send you money. Call your friend, co-worker, family member, or someone you know to send or bring you money. You can receive money using various options such as PayPal, Wise, or Western Union. 

    • Contact the Department of Motor Vehicles and Insurance Company 

    If your wallet is stolen, someone might use your driver's license and medical insurance card. If you have lost your driver’s license with the wallet, you should first contact the Department of Motor Vehicles. Tell them that you have also lost your wallet and driver's license. They will replace it with another driver's license. 

    Similarly, you should tell everything to the health insurance company about what happened. After receiving your request, they will replace your medical insurance card. 

    • Contact the Local Consulate or Embassy 

    If you're abroad, contact your embassy immediately. They will help you find the wallet and assist in dealing with the lost documents such as your ID card and passport. 

    You can Google your embassy and even visit the official website to get some guidance online. The embassy can also assist you with communicating with police, arranging temporary travel documents, and getting in touch later when they find your wallet, even when you're in your country. 

    Tips to Avoid Losing Your Wallet Again

  • Bright colors are easier to locate. Attach a key ring of dark color with the wallet. If you're a big fan of white or matte black wallets, you can get a dark natural tones wallet. 
  • A Bluetooth tracker helps with tracking the wallet. Consider adding a Bluetooth tracker with the wallet. 
  • Don’t put your wallet down on the counter of a shop or café when you’re going to pay. Most people forget their wallets on the counters.
  • If you're losing the wallet in your room, clear up the space, avoid clutter, and be more organized. The probability of losing the wallet will be less when everything is in the right place. 
  • Conclusion 

    So, now you know what to do if you lose your wallet while traveling. It is a nightmare and frustrating thing when you lose your wallet while traveling because you can't stay, drive or even eat without any money.

    Worry not! We have articulated some of the best tips to make your trip enjoyable even when you lose your wallet. We strongly hope that you can get your wallet back if you follow the above-mentioned tips. 

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