What Color Wallet Should I Get?

It's probably time you change your wallet.

There, I said it.

Believe me; your old wallet won't do any good to you or your wealth. From quality to the wallet's appearance, there are plenty of options to choose from, right? But it gets even more complicated when you have to decide what color wallet you should get. For that, no need to stress your mind. Just keep on reading!

Wallets come in many colors, including red, black, brown, and green. Choosing one of the bests feels like a challenging task. When considering feng shui, a green color wallet works as a money magnet that will increase your wealth and bring about more opportunities.

What is Feng Shui?

Have you ever heard of Feng Shui? Well, it's an old Chinese practice that revolves around the idea of our relationship with the surroundings and the atmosphere. It says that humans are connected to the Earth and the universe by strong forces of energy lines, which means you will be affected by any change in the surroundings. Strange, right?

To our surprise, this is true and works a lot of the time. Feng shui gives you the power to make things work like you want them to.

It also applies to the selection of wallet color, and if you can choose a suitable wallet color for yourself, you might be able to catalyze your wealth. Check out this guide to help you select the right color for your front pocket wallet.

  • Black: If you are looking for prosperity in your business or boosting your wealth. a black leather wallet is your answer. It not only brings riches but is itself a lucky color.
  • Green: Among all the men's wallets, a green color wallet is the most preferred if you want to attract more opportunities in your life. It is believed to be an income generator as well.
  • Red: According to Chinese philosophy, the red color resembles 'fire,' meaning that having a red color wallet can set your finances on fire! It is definitely not recommended to have a red color wallet to avoid losing your wealth.
  • Brown: A brown wallet means you will soon see more stability in your life and undoubtedly increase your savings.
  • Yellow: Another color that will give rise to your savings is a yellow-colored wallet. It is a great option to choose when limiting your expenses.
  • Blue: It is assumed that the blue color reflects water and its ability to drain away. The same principle applies to money. Having a blue wallet might not be a good idea.
  • Pink: Although a pink color wallet is said to work if you are looking for a new lover, it isn't recommended by feng shui for attracting wealth. It is also considered a lighter version of red, thus reflecting fire.
  • Purple: The idea of a purple wallet resembles a pink color wallet, so it's best to avoid getting one.

Apart from color, you can feng shui your wallet in so many different ways. Such as, choosing a rectangular-shaped wallet can make your wealth grow exponentially.

On the other hand, feng shui also emphasizes how a wallet must be organized and not keep a worn-out wallet to get more luck.

Pick a Color That Matches Your Style

A wallet that goes with your style wouldn't be a bad idea either. Start looking for the common colors you wear frequently and select one for your wallet. For instance, if green is your go-to outfit color, it will seem the right choice for a travel wallet.

If your preference is more about neutrals, a brown wallet will do.

On the other hand, if your choice is different every time, try getting your wallet in black, as it will go with almost any outfit. You can even get one that matches your belt.

Pick a Color That Seems Pleasant to You

If your wallet's color doesn't make you happy, what's the point of buying it?

Ask yourself, each time you take out your wallet to pay your bills, do you want to do it with a heavy heart or with a pleasant feeling? The color must instantly lift your mood if it is, in fact, the one you wanted to look at. Otherwise, any color wouldn't make such a difference.

For that reason, try getting a wallet that pleases you whenever you look at it.

Consider its proneness to dirt.

As wallets are more frequently used, there is a high chance of getting stained in no time. Bright colors are more prone to getting dirty if you work in a somewhat messy environment. To avoid this from happening, dull colors are considered the best fit.

A brown or a black bifold wallet, maybe?

Consider Your Image

The last factor to consider is how you want yourself to look when taking out your wallet. You might have heard that your wallet's color says a lot about your personality. So, to play safe, you must think about your image as an essential aspect while choosing a wallet color.

Imagine attending a business event; how would your colleagues think when you grab a red wallet? You would certainly not feel charmed by their expressions. The choice of colors matters when you don't want yourself to be judged negatively.


Whether you want to attract money, happiness, or prosperity, these tips will undoubtedly help you do that. So try your luck and see how wonderfully this works.

Take your time and decide what goes best with your style.

In the end, a good-looking wallet is all that matters!

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