How to Not Lose Your Wallet?

If you have come here, you are probably one who often loses their wallets.

Losing a wallet can be a disrupting thing that can happen to anyone. It might even disturb your daily life. However, there is no need to worry as you can take the necessary precautions beforehand and avoid being a victim.

Fearing losing your wallet is normal, and anyone can go through such an experience, but you are always good to go when you know how to put a stop to it. In the article below, I have explained how not to lose your wallet anytime soon.

How Can I Avoid Losing my Wallet?

Are you tired of losing your wallet? Or do you keep forgetting where you kept it? To help you avoid spending 15 minutes looking for your wallet every once in a while, I suggest you give a read below and see how magically these tricks work.

Track It

Having a smartphone and still not using it for locating your lost wallet can lead you to instant regret and guilt for quite some time. You can easily avoid this regret if you keep a tracking chip inside your wallet or purse all the time and set it up with your mobile phone so that whenever you lose your wallet, you can locate it in no time.

These chips are barely noticeable and can be kept in a wallet or connected to a key ring.

Keep a Selected Place For It

Another way to avoid losing your wallet is to choose a specific place for it every time you are at different locations. For instance, if you are at home, keep the wallet on the bedside table, and when leaving for work, always slide it into your back pocket. Designating these places can help you not lose your wallet as you will now know exactly where you kept it last.

Use a Wallet Phone Case

When your routine revolves around partying, attending ceremonies, or even concerts, a wallet phone case is a much better idea than your regular wallet. It will be easier to keep track of your essentials without worrying much. Carry only valuable items such as a credit card, an id, and some cash. Leave the rest with your regular purse back at home.

Besides a wallet phone case, it would help if you also considered a travel wallet when you want things closer to your body. Using one of these will ensure that your items are completely safe throughout.


Simply put a piece of paper with your name and phone number. Often, people who happen to find your lost wallet will eventually get back to you.

Don't worry; people with good hearts are rare, but they exist!

Use a Chain

Wallets that come with a chain attachment are great for people who fear their wallets falling down every time they take them out. To avoid misplacing a wallet, you can attach it to your belt or belt loop.

Aside from that, you will undoubtedly look much cooler with one of these trendy wallets!


Instead of carrying every possible item in your wallet, try to take only a few personal things that might be useful to you. Cutting down to fewer items may help you minimize the risk of losing your essentials.

A cardholder may be a good choice when limiting your belongings.

A few other things to keep in mind are; always keep a checklist while going out of your house or leaving a place to keep reminding yourself that everything is with you: your keys, wallet, purse, or your bag. A quick check never hurts; see that these items are in their places.

How Common is it to Lose Your Wallet?

Wherever you go, a wallet is a necessity. Be it a restaurant, workplace, or any other public place, you would never risk going out without it. Just like how important carrying a wallet seems, it has equal chances of getting lost. Few reports have revealed that thousands of wallets get lost or stolen each year.

Alongside that, 10% of people lose their wallets every five years. For this reason, they also appear to be on the list of usually lost items.

Another survey concluded that about 60% of people have been losing their wallets from time to time. That is, again, a massive percentage of people not knowing where their wallets disappeared. To avoid not being one of those people, make sure you follow the tips mentioned above.

Finding a lost wallet is also just as common as losing one. Have you ever found one? Here is what you need to do if you find a lost wallet.

What Should I Do if I Lost My Wallet?

So you lost your wallet? It might seem like everything is falling apart. Your credit card, id card, and most importantly, your hard-earned money is left behind. It appears as if there is no way to get back what you lost! But don't lose hope too soon as I have come up with some tips to help you find your lost wallet.

Here is a list of steps you need to follow when you lose your wallet.

Try to Locate It

Before going ahead with what to do when you lose your wallet, always give yourself enough time to look for it at places you think you can find it. Recall where you last used it, and check where you might have kept it. You can save yourself a lot of work if you retrieve it in advance.

Contact Your Card Issuers

Now that you are sure it's nowhere to be found, I recommend calling your card issuers right away. Let them know your cards are misplaced so that they cancel them and issue you the new ones immediately. Reporting can also save you from being responsible for any unauthorized charges.

File a Police Report

Filing a police report can be helpful when you have lost your wallet. Even if you don't think it would help, It is better to keep a paper trail. A police report can also prevent any fraud from happening.

Still not clear what should be done? See our detailed article on 'what to do if you lose your wallet.'


Now that you know all the techniques, you should be sure that losing a wallet is out of your list.

Even if you do face such an emergency, don't panic. Just be mindful and take all the necessary steps, and you will be fine.

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