Why Put a Crayon in Your Wallet?

You might have already heard about the crayon life hack and why people are always fond of keeping it in their wallets. It is a prevalent trend on the internet nowadays, and many people are talking about this. If you are a parent, you should always keep a crayon; it will come in handy for many reasons. 

Many traveling hacks are available nowadays; some can benefit you, while others add little value to your life. Some people might think keeping a crayon in their wallet is stupid. They believe it will be an extra burden, but some swear by it.

Why Put a Crayon in Your Wallet?

This article will discuss why you should put a crayon in your wallet. Keep reading to find more information about the benefits of owning one in your travel wallet.

Electromagnetic Properties 

Many people don't know that crayons have electromagnetic properties in them. If you write something on a piece of paper with a crayon, then remote scanning will not determine what is written on that part of the paper with the crayon. 

No machine can determine the data you want to store on paper, which is why it is a genius hack. They can't determine the color of the crayon and what is written on the paper with the piece of crayon. You can write anything you want, and it will stay secret, and no one will be able to scan it.

Something to Write 

Now, we know that we live in the times of smartphones, which is why you can always type something on your smartphone when you need to note something down. But how often have you found yourself in a situation where you need to write something quickly but need more time to unlock your cell phone? We can feel your pain, so to avoid that from happening again, keep a crayon in your wallet, and you will always have something to write immediately with. 

All you have to do is bring the crayon out of your zip wallet, and then you can immediately write a phone number or any other important piece of information anywhere nice.

When heading out, you might feel like this is useless; however, you are wrong. You never know when you will have to write something down instantly, which happens to most of us.

You can also doodle or draw anything you want by using a crayon whenever you are bored; that is why you should always carry it in your wallet!

Distract Your Kids 

If your kids are very fussy and you need to travel with them, you should never forget to carry some crayons in your wallet. You can hand them a crayon to keep them busy, and they will stay distracted for a while. 

For example, if you are in a situation where you are going to be on the subway or a train with your kid, you can hand them a piece of crayon, and they will remain busy with it. They won't bother you, and the people on the subway or train will also be thankful to you for doing so, as your kids will have something fun to do other than just crying out of boredom!

Sometimes kids cry for no reason, which is not a parent's fault. A lot of the time, kids start crying in public, and parents always end up feeling guilty for that. 

If you are a parent and in the same boat right now, then you need to get your hands on a crayon, keep it in your wallet, and remember to use it next time you want to keep your child busy.

Versatile Writing Tool 

There is something very satisfying about writing with the crayon because it is a versatile writing tool. There is so much you can get done with the crayon that you can't do with the regular pen. You can draw whatever you want, and it will be in an exciting texture that you will enjoy. You can freely draw what you like and color it with the crayon. It is going to be very satisfying. 

Besides, It is a brain activity you should be doing from time to time, and you will be able to spend some time alone. 

If you like to go on a train journey from time to time, you can keep up crayons with you, and then you can doodle something or make your favorite drawings whenever you want. It is a must-have to keep something with you that you can use to draw because it will keep you busy for some time and energize you on a long car or train journey. 

Trace Marks 

Additionally, keeping a crayon in your wallet can also be helpful for you in an emergency or a dangerous situation. If you are stuck somewhere and cannot find your way, you can leave marks behind on a particular location by using a crayon on a wall or any other area. This way, you can leave your traces in a specific place, and someone coming behind you to find you can trace you by looking at those marks. 

You might think it sounds like a scene from a movie, but it is not. You never know when something will be helpful for you in an emergency. Everything can be used to save your life during a situation like this, which is why you should never forget to keep a crayon in your wallet at all times.

To Save a Life 

You can even save a life using just a crayon!

Now, we know it sounds crazy, and you might be thinking about how someone will be able to save with a crayon. But hear us out!

Imagine that you are in a scenario where you notice a child in a dangerous public situation; the best thing about a crayon is that it is very bright in color, which is why it can catch a child's attention pretty quickly compared to any other pen or pencil. You can write something by using the crayon to help the child or pass it to the child, so they can write a note to get help from somewhere. 

It can save someone's life, so it is always a plus point to have a crayon in your wallet in public. It does not hurt anyone to carry a crayon, so you should go for it.

Wrapped with Paper 

You must have noticed that a crayon is always wrapped with paper around it. Another reason to carry a crayon in your wallet is that it has a paper coating on the outside, which is why it will not damage the other stuff in your wallet. 

Some people are very skeptical about what they carry in their wallets because they want to maintain their essentials and important things such as their credit cards. If you are one of those people, you can carry a crayon with you comfortably because of the paper wrapped around it; it will not ruin anything in your wallet.

To Make Someone Remember You 

Keep a crayon in your wallet to be unique and stand out from the crowd. It will differentiate you from the other people around you because not everyone carries crayons in their wallet, and it is a distinctive object to keep in your wallet in the first place. 

For instance, imagine you are in a situation where you are about to pay for lunch, and a crayon falls from your wallet. The people who see the crayon will be very intrigued by you, making them wonder why you have been carrying it with you. 

The scenario here is not to impress anyone but to make a strong impression on others.

Structure of Your Wallet 

The next benefit of keeping a crayon in your wallet is that it will help you maintain the structural integrity of your credit card and wallet. As it is longer in shape, it will prevent your men’s wallet from bending too much and will not suffer any damage.


A crayon is a versatile object, and there is a lot that you can get done with them. Use a crayon to write, draw, doodle, leave marks, and be creative!

There are multiple reasons why you should be carrying one in your wallet. 

You may suddenly get to color or doodle while on a journey. We are not the judge here, so whatever the reason, you should be carrying a crayon in your wallet for any of the reasons mentioned above.

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