What To Keep in Your Purse?

Do you often find yourself struggling with keeping your purse organized? Or are you struggling with the weight of your purse because of bulging everything in it? Are you filling your purse with items you rarely use? It's because you need clarification about what you may need during the day and what you may not need. 

Your purse becomes your best friend when it has everything you need. A good handbag carries all the essentials that you need during the day. You can organize all the items in different pouches as well. 

List of Items to Keep in Your Purse

Whether you are a working woman, a housewife, or a student, this list will be helpful for you. Below are some essentials you may need regardless of your profession. 

Mobile Phone and Keys

Cell phones are, unarguably, an essential part of our lives. Denying their value to our daily life is almost impossible. Everything that you need exists in this small device. It is best to always carry your mobile phone along with you in your purse. 

Keys are another important item that you should never forget to keep in your purse. A cardholder is also recommended to keep in the purse while going anywhere. 


As you carry your mobile phone, carrying your charger becomes essential as well. Your mobile phone running out of battery at some point in the day is inevitable. Especially if you're going to be late or forget to charge it at home.

Instead of searching for a charger that accommodates your mobile device, it is best to keep your charger along with you. If your mobile runs out of battery, it can be very unsettling and problematic. It is even better if you have a power bank. 


Sometimes you may want to avoid listening to the noise or crowd sound. Or you may want to enjoy the scenery outside by listening to your favourite song. You can keep your headphones in your bag just for these very reasons. 

This is a quick solution to avoid all unwanted noises, helping you to stay refreshed and efficient at work.

Hand Sanitizer

After the COVID-19 pandemic, taking care of your hands has become important. When you are outside, you may have to touch different objects that thousands of people touch daily. It may include doorknobs, elevators, toilets, etc. It is unavoidable to touch these things when you are outside.

In such a scenario, hand sanitiser can be lifesaving. Every place has different traffic daily, from bathroom doors to elevators on a subway. It increases the probability of getting germs through touch. Small bottles of hand sanitisers are available in the market almost everywhere.  

With so many kinds of germs out there, a hand sanitiser can prevent you from carrying any germs to your loved ones. Make sure that you cover the bottle properly, so it does not leak or damage other items in your purse. 

Bubble Gums or Mints

Sometimes bad breath can become very challenging, especially after a meal. Periodically even when you are fasting or dieting, it can cause bad breath. You never know whom you might run into, so it is best to prepare yourself beforehand.

A mouth freshener, gum, or mint can help you deal with that smell. It will also save you from the embarrassment that you may encounter if you bump into an old friend.

Medications And Vitamins

If you are taking prescription medicines, it is best to keep them with you in your purse, so you do not miss them per schedule. You can also keep your vitamins and emergency/over-the-counter or anti-inflammatory medicines. 

Band-Aids can also become handy in case of a wound or to prevent any blisters from your new shoes. You can make a small pouch for these items so that it does not become difficult to find if you need them in an emergency.

Also, ensure that the pouch you use to keep these medicines is waterproof. 

Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum Jelly or Vaseline works as a multipurpose item. It works as a lip balm, makeup remover, or moisturizer. A small bottle of petroleum jelly is one of the essentials you may need to keep in your purse. 

Vanity Items and Makeup

Hair ties, safety pins, and makeup items are essential items for every woman, regardless of their age or walk of life. Having makeup means that you're ready for any last-minute plan or party. Keep the basic makeup items in a small pouch.

These may include lipstick, liner, mascara, and a small foundation tube to help you prepare for any event. 

Pack of Tissues

A small pack of tissue can be helpful if you have flu or a cold. If you're having a sunny and warm day, a wet tissue can help your skin feel fresher.

A tissue may also help you with an unwanted sneeze. Keep both dry and wet tissues. 

A Small Notepad and A Pen

You may need a notepad and a pen to note down important information from a meeting or you could use it to write an old friend's address.

You can write down your to-do list in this notepad, which will aid you in remembering your important tasks for the day and help you to stay organized and keep important information safe. 

You might also need a pen for signing any forms, such as a feedback form.

Light Snacks

To keep working to your greatest capacity, taking care of your hydration is very crucial. Carry a small water bottle and some healthy snacks.

Some light snacks such as chocolates, a pack of chips, or cookies can greatly energize you if you feel low or weak.

A Small Wallet

Instead of keeping all your money with you, get a small travel wallet and some of it that you may need during the day. You can keep important cards in this wallet, such as identity and debit cards. 

Body Spray

It is always a great idea to be mindful of your hygiene. A small bottle of body spray can help you feel fresh and smell-free the entire day. It will also prevent you from entering into an awkward situation. 

A Short Hairbrush

You can buy a small hairbrush to carry in your purse. A bigger hairbrush will take up a lot of space. This will become handy whenever you need to set up your hair at the last minute or if the wind ruins your hairstyle. 


Once you're aware of your daily needs, it will be easier to keep your purse organized. All these items serve an essential purpose based on your needs and priorities. Whether it is a long journey or a daily commute to your office, the list will help in every scenario. 

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