What to Carry in Your Wallet

Many of us carry things in our wallets that we think might be useful when we go out, but what really happens is that either we don't actually use them at all, or they just make our wallets bulkier. Those old receipts, bills, and cards of no use may take up too much space in your wallet.

An ideal wallet must be slim yet have everything that's ever needed. But how is that possible? Read along to know what to carry in your wallet.

Amongst the most vital things to carry in a wallet are cash, debit cards, and your Id. Without these, you will probably face some unwanted happenings. Other items include emergency contact info, insurance cards, and discount cards.

What to Keep in Your Wallet

To keep everything neat and nice inside your wallet, you need only to have a few essential things that should be enough to assist you wherever you go. So, what are those things?

Below is the list of things that one must keep in their men's or women's wallets.


To prevent having a bad day, it's best to carry enough cash to help you in times of emergency. Even if there are none, you can always go for using cash when you want to avoid the time-consuming process of paying through your phone.

Besides, it's also easier to chip in the tip to the waiter or the taxi driver. Not only this but having cash can also save you from extra deductions from your accounts in the form of credit card fees.

If you are unsure how much cash you should carry, simply check our article on 'How much cash should I have on hand in my wallet' to save you some time.

Driver's License

A driver's license is a must since not having one might lead you to an embarrassing moment at the counter, or much worse; you will have to pay a hefty amount as a fine. You will need your driver's license wherever you go, so it's better never to leave it at home.

Credit Card and Debit Card

Both credit and debit cards are super easy to use, plus they hardly take any space in your wallet. You can use your debit card for almost anything, from booking flights to paying for online shopping; it comes a lot in handy.

Also, to avoid overspending, it's best to use one of these cards only when there is a necessity. You can use one of these cardholders to store your credit and debit cards.

ID Card

An ID card is just as important as a license since it will keep you away from all the hustle. A state Id card will be helpful whenever your security or safety is concerned. For instance, when boarding a plane or visiting a secure building.

Insurance Cards

Insurance cards become a necessity when you unluckily face some medical emergencies or road accidents. After all, this is why we pay for the insurance cards in the first place. You can end up saving more cash and cover up the losses.

Emergency Contact Info

It would help if you also carried your contact info if you ever lost your wallet. Having your phone and other valuable details in your wallet can help someone get it back to you. Although your Id and driver's license help, they won't be helpful that much.

Discount Cards

If you are not carrying your discount cards in your wallet, you are simply spending extra money. These cards are a great way to save and get you points for gift cards.

What Should You Not Carry in Your Wallet?

Now that you know what things you should carry in a wallet, here are some of the things that you should always avoid having in your wallet.

PIN Numbers

If you have a habit of writing your PINs down, never keep them in your wallet. I repeat, never! There is a big chance you will lose your bank credit and other accounts if you ever lose your wallet.

If you need to write your PINs, do so on your mobile phone and save them or you can just leave these at home.

Birth Certificate

It's best only to take your birth certificate and passport when needed because when you don't require one, it might be risky to carry them in your wallet. Anyone who can get hold of your birth certificate can steal your identity. That is why you must keep your crucial documents at home, where there are completely safe.


Similar to PINs, passwords also play a massive role in protecting your personal accounts. Now that we have an online banking system, we can directly link our social accounts with our bank accounts, making it easier for someone to alter your login details using your passwords. For this reason, you should never keep passwords in your wallet.

Spare Keys

Having a spare key can save you from a lot of trouble, but think about it, what if your wallet gets stolen? It will become much easier for the thief to reach your home and enter your house. However, if you are concerned about losing your key, you can leave one of the spare keys with a trusted neighbour.

Blank Checks

Blank checks also prove beneficial for someone who tries to obtain your money. I suggest you fill one of the blank checks in advance or carry a debit card instead.

Gift Cards

Gift cards may also seem like a treat to the thieves. When they find out you have these in your wallet, they will use them before they go for anything else; this is why you should carry them only if you intend to use them.


Receipts and old bills will only make your wallet weigh more and take extra space. It would be an excellent option to clear the junk from your wallet and keep it clean and clear. Apart from that, you will also prevent the thieves from gathering any info about you through the receipts.


To conclude, I recommend you always keep track of the things you have in your wallet so that if you ever lose your wallet, you can take the necessary actions as soon as possible.

After all, keeping a wallet that is free from unnecessary stuff can be helpful when you are out and keep you safe and secure.

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