How to Fix Zipper on Backpack

A broken zipper is something that nobody would want for their favorite backpack, it may cause a lot of inconvenience while traveling or when you want to keep your things safe. However, before you consider getting a new one, we recommend you look for methods to fix the zipper on your backpack to save yourself some time and energy. And for that, we have come up with some of the simplest ways to fix a zipper on a backpack.

Usually, when dealing with a stubborn backpack zipper, try using a graphite pencil. Start by closing the zipper, then apply graphite to the teeth and move it back and forth. If the zipper remains stuck, carefully use pliers to pull it gently. This approach often proves effective and it becomes easier to fix a zipper on a backpack.

How to Fix a Zipper on a Backpack that Separated

Whether it is a zipper on your backpack, zip wallets, or just one of your purses, a zipper can easily be separated if it is used frequently. This happens because the teeth of these zippers might have loosened up and now it just needs a little clamping to get it back to working properly. 

To do that, use a pair of pliers and clamp each side of the slider while making sure that it’s taut around the zipper track. If the zipper still continues to stay separated, do this on the bottom of the slider and the sides. It will eventually solve the problem. 


How to Fix a Zipper on a backpack that has come off one side

When the zipper comes off from one side, it might seem like a problematic situation, but before panicking, you might need to consider the 

Here’s what you’ll need when fixing a zipper that has come off one side:

  1. A pair of pliers
  2. Utility scissors 
  3. A sewing needle and thread

Once you have gathered the stuff as mentioned above, start working your way through by following these steps:

Step 1: Inspect the root cause of the problem

It’s important to know the reason for the breakage before getting the zipper fixed. However, a zipper may come off from one side mainly due to a broken track, or maybe because of torn or bent teeth. 

Address the issue first so that it is prevented from occurring again.

Step 2: Give a small cut

Begin by bringing the slider right to the bottom where the zipper will stay once it is widely opened. Then, take a pair of utility scissors and cut on the opposite track near the slider, try to be as close as possible. 

Step 3: Re-attach the zipper onto the track

Now, after cutting a bit over the track, you need to attach the slider back onto the track and see if the zipper closes back up smoothly as it used to, before coming off from one side. 

If not, use the pair of pliers to clamp the zipper on each side so that it stays tight around the track. 

Step 4: Sew back with needle and thread

Now, to give a new stop to the slider, you need to sew a little over the area where you initially gave a cut. This will act as the new stopper for the zipper and prevent it from coming off the track. 

How to Re-Align the Backpack Zippers

Re-aligning the backpack zippers is one of the ways to fix a zipper and for that, you would need:

  1. A pair of pliers 
  2. A needle and thread

Step 1: Pull off the slider

To take the slider off, you need to locate the point where there’s no stopper. Then, bring the slider and simply pull it out.

Step 2: Get rid of some teeth

Get the pair of pliers and start removing about 4 to 6 teeth from each side of the track. 

Carefully pull each tooth one by one and leave some space for sewing in case the fabric rips a bit. 

Step 3: Start sewing the ends

Now, place the slider back onto the track and then sew over the ends from where you took off the teeth. This is to prevent the slider from sliding off the track. 

Make sure the thread and the backpack have the same colors so it does not look odd when you sew the tracks. 

How to fix a zipper on a backpack with a new slider

When you have a broken slider, it’s best to replace it and get a new one. 

Try to pull off the slider by applying a little force or you can cut at the end of the zipper so that it comes out easily. 

If the slider is flawed, you can break it up as well. 

How to fix a stuck zipper 

So how do you fix a zipper that is stuck? 

Well, it’s pretty simple and can be done at home without using any additional tools, you just need to rub a lubricant around it and for that, any laundry soap would do the trick. 

You will soon notice the dirt coming off and if not, try to wiggle the zipper a bit so it can loosen up; otherwise, wash the entire backpack and the zipper could be fixed.


To conclude, fixing a zipper on a backpack does not seem a hectic task, in fact it is achievable if done with a little patience. It often needs some lubrication for  which you can use a graphite pencil or a soap. 

If all fails, you can always get professional help and get a long-term fix.

Remember, vever let a stuck zipper hold you back – a little effort can go a long way in keeping your backpack in working order.

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