How to Care for Eel Skin Purse?

Do you love having a wide range of purses but don’t know how to care for them? Or perhaps, you’re planning to purchase an eel skin purse but don’t know if it's long-lasting. Then allows us to walk you through it. 

Eel skin leather purses feature a remarkably upscale elegance denoted by their svelte and frequently vibrant appearance. Besides premium purses, eel is a highly coveted leather for various fashion accessories. As no two eel skins are identical, every handbag is one-of-a-kind and more durable than conventional leather. 

So, if you have recently acquired an eel skin handbag, you may wonder how to maintain it to ensure its longevity. Therefore, we have gathered the information and brought it to the table to help you know the best way to care for your eel skin purses. 

Making of Eel Skin Purses

Since eel skin is tough and long-lasting, it is preferred for purses and other accessories. A leather purse is made by using a similar technique as an eel skin purse. To preserve the skin, it is first washed before being tanned. Then the skin is divided into pieces and stitched to take on the appropriate shape.

Also, eel skins are not available easily, and due to the scarcity of raw materials, eel skin purses have a hefty price tag. That is why they are frequently purchased as collectibles or given as presents. 

However, it's interesting to note that if you find some cheap eel skin purses, they might be the first copy. Many "eel skin" purses are constructed of hagfish skin rather than actual eel skin. 

Hagfish, which resemble eels, release slime when they feel threatened. Some commercial goods, such as purses and shoes, contain this slime. 

Although eel skin is more expensive and less difficult to find than hagfish skin, the latter is less robust and long-lasting. This is why genuine eel skin clutches command a premium price tag.

Care for Eel Skin Purses

Here’s how you can care for your eel skin purses:

Keep an Eye on The Handbag’s Quality

The first thing you need to do for caring for an eel skin purse is to check for its quality as time goes on. If the bag seems faded or worn, apply a small layer of clear shoe wax to the surface. Use a clean cloth to apply the wax, ensuring it is distributed evenly across all surfaces. Make sure that the wax coats the entirety of the bag so that the shine is consistent throughout.

After applying it, remove any excess wax from the bag by wiping it down. The sweet spot is just enough wax to keep the bag shiny but not so much that it feels tacky or slimy.

Put A Dust Bag to Use

Experts have suggested that one should always have dust bags available to protect their eel skin purses from exposure to elements. They are a great alternative to polyester bags which make it hard for your eel skin purse to breathe. Instead, dust bags are eco-friendly, making the eel skin fresh for years. 

Clean It, But Don't Spend Too Much Time on It

Cleaning an eel skin bag requires a different approach than cleaning a leather bag. The best way to wash the eel skin purse is by hand with gentle soap, rinsing it with water, pressing it to almost dry with a big clean towel, and allowing it to dry naturally for a few hours. 

Besides this, you can also create a solution of dish soap and warm water, then dip a delicate cloth into the solution before wringing it out and using it to wash the leather surfaces gently. To remove the soap, wipe the surface with a second clean towel that has been dampened. Use a towel to dry the area. 

Stains and scuffs caused by water can also be washed away with some warm, soapy water. Considering this information, you should avoid going to extremes in your response. To prevent your purses from becoming worn out more rapidly, you should only clean them whenever it requires a new look.

Use A Bag Liner

When you frequently switch out your handbag, it is essential to invest in a handbag liner so that the interior of your bag is protected from accidental spills. A liner makes it simple to transfer between different bags, protecting your purse and providing additional storage compartments for your belongings.

Fill the Bag for Shape Retention

If you store your eel skin purse correctly, especially leather ones, they can retain shape. To keep the bag's shape while transporting it, stuff it with crumpled butter paper, bubble wrap, a cushion made of plastic, or even folded sweaters.

Eel Skin Purse Cleaning

We have a foolproof method if you wonder how to clean your eel skin purse. Start by lightly wiping down the eel skin purse using a cotton rag. Try spot-cleaning any tough stains with mild soap if there are any. After cleaning, completely dry the bag before putting it away.

The kind of cleaning solution you need to use will depend on how bad the stain is. Cleaning up after using your eel skin purse will be simple when only light dust and dirt are present. A dry cloth may be all that is needed. It will be difficult to restore the eel skin purse to its original condition if it has more significant damage, such as persistent ink stains.

However, you can also wash your purse with mild soap if you don't have a cleaner, especially for eel skin. To ensure the soap won't harm the purse's material, test it on a tiny, discrete section of the bag first.

Then gently clean the entire purse with a wet cotton rag dipped in the soapy water mixture. Rinse the rag often to prevent dirt and grime from reapplying to the bag. After cleaning, properly dry the bag with a fresh towel. To avoid stretching the purse, avoid rubbing it with too much water.

Care Suggestions for Eel Skin

Eel skin must be handled carefully because it is a sensitive substance. Here are some pointers for maintaining an eel skin purse:

  • Don't get the handbag wet; eel skin isn't water resistant and will get stained or warped if exposed to moisture. Your pocketbook will be safer inside a plastic bag if you need to carry it around in the rain.
  • Only fill your purse a little; please refrain from packing your purse with too many items, as eel skin is easily damaged. To avoid adding additional strain to the material, only bring what is necessary.
  • Ensure your keys and other sharp objects are well-padded if you carry them in your pocketbook to prevent injury to the eel's skin.
  • Don't leave your travel wallet in the sun or anywhere else where the temperature will rise above 60 degrees, as eel skin is readily discolored by heat.

  • Conclusion

    Beautiful and opulent handbags made of eel skin may lend a bit of glitz to any ensemble. Like any other purse, they need careful maintenance to maintain their best appearance. Now that you know how to maintain an eel-skin purse, you should take the best care of it. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1- Storage for Eel Skin Purses

    In general, you'll want to store eel skin purses in a cool, dry location. Most leathers will be adversely affected by heat and too much moisture, resulting in the hide becoming discolored or damaged.

    Additionally, remember to keep the purse off of rough or hard surfaces and refrain from piling other items on top of it. This lessens the likelihood of the purse being scratched or crushed. The best technique to maintain the purse's beauty while storing it is ideally in a sealed container.

    Try stuffing the handbag with crumpled-up newspapers if the purse has a soft exterior. Doing this can keep the purse from wrinkling too much while storing it.

    2- Carrying Eel Skin Leather Purses

    Eel skin purses should be kept from the sun as much as possible when carried or worn. Intense sunshine can bleach the hide's color and dry the skin, leading to cracks.

    When it comes to carrying, you should have it in an opaque, sealed cover to protect the leather from airborne impurities like cigarette smoke and other chemicals, as well as UV damage, maintaining the look of the hide. Any case should be substantial enough to comfortably retain the purse without squeezing it.

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