How Many Purses do You Need?

How many purses are too many? You might wonder when you are out there trying to get another one.

So here's the thing, on average, a woman owns about nine purses that she uses for her different activities of the day.

These purses usually include three main types; an everyday purse, a tote bag, and a mid-sized bag. In this article, we will go deep into the different types of purses and finally conclude how many purses you really need.

Apart from wallets for women, purses are a person's ready-to-go accessory containing enough capacity to hold your items and protect them from weather damage or theft.

A purse simply completes your look and gives you an additional charm if it is rightly chosen. Here are the types of bags that every woman should own.

How Many Purses Should You Have in Your Collection?

Keeping the limit of 9 in mind, I feel safe to say that there should be no less than five purses in your collection. Below is a list of the bags that you should have in your collection:

A Tote Bag

A Tote bag comes in handy when shopping or even for long trips. Due to its vast space, it can fit most of your essentials, including a laptop.

A Midsize Bag

A medium-sized bag is all you need for daily activities due to its lightweight and neat look. It's easy to carry and provides a good amount of space,

One medium-sized shoulder bag can solve a lot when you can't decide which bag looks good with your style.

An Evening Bag

An evening bag is for all the ladies out there who like to spend their evenings outside, such as for parties or dinners.

These bags are small, adorning, and beautifully made to go perfectly with a formal style. Also known as clutches or minaudière, evening bags often have embellished pearls.

An Everyday Bag

One bag for multiple occasions, no matter where you are headed, your everyday bag will be your constant companion. You will be satisfied while leaving that it contains everything you'll require.

A Crossbody Bag

A crossbody bag is a must-have because of its flexibility, allowing free movement while keeping your essentials close. A good crossbody bag has a medium size and sturdy strap; this will keep you comfortable anytime you wear it.

What Kind of Purses Should you have?

With a wide variety of purses available in the stores nowadays, choosing which type to own often gets challenging.

Not only this, but the price factor also comes in the way as each kind comes with a different price range. So what purses are vital in terms of style and price?

Work Bag

A work bag is similar to an everyday bag used for carrying your work-related items to your workplace that also goes with the dress code of an employee.

Straw Bag

Also known as a straw basket, it is specifically designed for warmer months when you decide to go out in the sun and have a playful time. Get your favorite towel and leave for a beach party with your friends.


Probably one of the most widely used bags, a backpack is used by students and travelers. It comes with two shoulder straps, making it highly comfortable carrying around. It can fit books, laptops, water bottles, and much more.

What Brands of Purses Should I have in my Collection?

If you are looking for low-budget branded purses, look for no other than the Coach. Unlike most brands, Coach gives you the option of having inexpensive purses with competitive quality.

However, Louis Vuitton is a perfect choice if you want a brand that has impressive artistry and is loved by all. With a resilient canvas, their bags and purses are truly a piece of art.

Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, and Gucci are other brands that provide high-quality and exceptional purses.

What Color Purses Should Every Women Own?

Apart from any color purses that seem pleasant to you, there should be at least one purse in a black or nude shade; this is so that anytime you are in a hurry or cannot find one that goes with your dress color, one of these shades will surely go.

What to Look for in a Purse when you are Analyzing your Collection?

By far, this is the most critical question that comes into one's mind when looking for a purse and analyzing the collection, yet the answer is simple; always keep the quality of the product at your top priority.

Which means that you shouldn't just look for the design and the color. Instead, check for its material, durability, and the type of leather it's made from. Remember, the higher the quality, the longer the handbag lasts.

Are Designer Purses Worth it? 

For me, designer bags are worth it as long as they have solid quality and do not fall apart in a few months, which is not the case with many designers.

Designer purses can be an excellent investment for someone who likes to buy expensive designer purses and resell them after using them for a little while. Since these bags can last for a long time and are a fantastic addition to the wardrobe, you won't find anyone who wouldn't like to have one.

Other than that, they can also become precious heirlooms after you are gone. As a result, I would say that designer bags are worth the money.


In the end, all you need to do is go for the purses that look handy and polish your look with their embellishments. Remember that owning more purses than required can be a little boring and kill the charm.

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