Best Front Pocket Wallets [2023]

Having a hard time carrying a bulky wallet in your back pocket? Worry not because we all have been there; the only thing it takes to get rid of this situation is to switch to front-pocket wallets. That's right. It is that simple.

Besides, you won't have to carry extra stuff since you must avoid making a bulge in your front pocket. Honestly, once you try slipping your wallet into the front pocket, you'll realize there's no way going back to the traditional way of carrying a wallet in the back pocket. Here is the list:

  1. AUROCHS NOVA - Front Pocket Wallet
  2. BELLROY Slim Sleeve Wallet
  3. THE RIDGE Minimalist Wallet
  4. AUROCHS NANO - The Minimalist Cardholder Wallet
  5. EKSTER Parliament Wallet
  6. BELLROY Card Sleeve Wallet
  7. AUROCHS INFINITY - Trifold Wallet
  8. DISTILL UNION WALLY Bifold Wallet
  9. ROGUE Front Pocket Wallet
  10. SERMON BRANDS Slim Bifold Wallet
  11. VAULTSKIN Chelsea Wallet

A slim, compact, and minimalist wallet is the ideal front-pocket wallet you can carry around all day without reaching for your cards or cash through an overly-stuffed wallet. So, Without doing much, read below to find some of the best front-pocket wallets for men. You can thank us later.

Best Front Pocket Wallets for Men

After hours of research and going through different front-pocket wallets, we came up with a list of the best front-pocket wallets for men that will surely save you some time, and you can get your hands on the perfect front-pocket wallet.


Made with pure full-grain leather, this Nova front-pocket wallet is one of our best minimalist wallets, with enough storage to handle all your bills, cards, cash, and more without feeling like you are carrying a lot. It is bound to grab your attention with a unique and full-of-style design while also fulfilling the criteria of being a perfect front-pocket wallet.

It also lets you store about 10-12 cards, with enough capacity to keep 5-6 currency notes or bills. All this without creating a bulkiness in your wallet.Aurochs Nova Front Pocket Wallet

What's impressive is that if you're not looking for an RFID-protective wallet, you can choose one with or without this feature. However, we would suggest going for the one with RFID since it adds to the security.


Bellroy is one known brand that never disappoints in delivering the best wallets for men, and this time, we have come across the Micro sleeve wallet that genuinely fits the definition of a front pocket wallet.Bellroy Slim Sleeve

With a stylish and minimal design, this leather wallet features enough space for storing cards and cash, offering easy access to both each time you reach for them.


The ridge minimalist wallet is one of a kind, as it not only gives a cool rugged look but is also durable enough to be by your side for a reasonable amount of time. It is uniquely designed with aluminum and elastic to fit your front-pocket wallet smoothly.Ridge Wallet

It has the functionality to hold about 10-12 cards, with an additional money strap at the front of the wallet. Besides, its metal body doesn't allow any RFID chip readers to get near your personal information.


We know that cardholders are one of the best options to carry in a front-pocket wallet, but only with our Nano cardholder, you'll realize how true it is.

The slimmest option for a front pocket wallet that easily lets you carry around ten cards and some cash on the go; available in five different colors, you'll indeed find a perfect one to match your style.Aurochs Nano Front Pocket Wallet

Thanks to the RFID, you'll be protected from any attempt of data theft while carrying your essentials in the Nano cardholder.

Get one of these for yourselves, and we will never disappoint you with our quality of designs and functionality.


If you want a super minimal design with a slim look that carries everything you need, from cards to cash and ids, the Bellroy card sleeve wallet might be the right option because it lets you keep 1-8 cards and some folded bills without being bulky.Bellroy Card Sleeve

Amazingly, it contains a pull tab feature that gives you instant access to the center compartments' contents. It also comes with a three-year warranty and is made of such a material that patinas over time to give you a pleasing worn-in look.


Ekster Parliament wallet is another good choice for a slim wallet providing easy access to your essentials. Its built-in aluminum cardholder lets you take out your cards with just a click.Ekster Wallet

It has two slots for cards and a foldable flat, including an elastic band to hold onto your cash. With Ekster Parliament, you are also protected from skimming and data theft with RFID blocking.


How about a trifold front-pocket wallet on the go? Aurochs offers this unique infinity wallet that gives you the benefit of carrying up to 8 cards, with 6-10 folded bills or cash.

The Infinity trifold wallet allows you to have a minimalist, slim, and classy design that will bring in all the attention for all the right reasons.Front Pocket Wallet

The RFID protective feature is an additional benefit that ensures no criminal gets hold of your data. Don't forget that our Infinity trifold wallet comes at the top of the list because of its high-quality leather, resulting in extra durability.

Sounds like something you should own?


The slimmest option available by the Distill Union is the Wally bifold wallet, enabling you to store as much money as you want with its money clip. Your bills and cards are also securely held in the center.

The unique feature of all is that it comprises an NFC technology that lets you pay through one tap, which means you won't have to take out your cards each time you're at the counter.Distill Union Front Pocket Wallet

Aside from this, a pull-tab feature, money clip, and adjustable tension give additional importance to this product.


The Sermon Brands slim bifold comes with an elegant and classy look allowing you to explore its features like RFID protection, a translucent ID slot, and two card slots. Although it is said that its RFID only blocks signals from credit cards, it still provides safety from leaking your card details.Sermon Wallet Front Pocket

In addition, you would also find a metal money clip, a pull tab that gives access to compartments holding at least four cards, and an exterior slot to store all your most used cards.


This front-pocket wallet by Rogue is something different than others on the list, and you have to be sure that this one will deliver its best performance by being slim, stylish, and functional.Rouge Front Pocket Wallet

Manufactured with full-grain leather, the Rogue front-pocket wallet is a perfect definition of minimal design, allowing you to carry a slim and lightweight wallet all day. About six cards can be stored easily, along with a full-size bank note divider and 3 card slots.


The Vaultskin Chelsea is the type of wallet that instantly feels so soft once you touch it because it is made of top-grain leather. Interestingly, each card slot features an RFID-blocking lining to keep your cards safe.Vaultskin Wallet

You may find it has three vertical card slots at the front and only one at the back side of the wallet, with an additional pull tab at the center. You can store around eight cards in this wallet, which is more than enough, right?

Types of Front Pocket Wallets

A perfect front pocket wallet is known for its smaller size than ordinary wallets, so it fits perfectly in the front pocket while providing enough space for all your essentials. Apart from that, a front-pocket wallet comes in so many different styles that it totally depends on your choice; for instance, if you're fond of carrying a cardholder with simple designs, go with the one that has a minimal look. Similarly, bifold, trifold, and other front-pocket wallets will have their fashion.

What to Look for in a Front Pocket Wallet

Now that we know a front pocket wallet is an ultimate solution to securely carrying around one's cash and other essential cards, how do you know which one is the best considering that it is light and slim simultaneously? The answer is to look for other specifications like RFID-blocking technology and extra pockets if needed.

Here is a little more on what to look for in a front-pocket wallet.

1. Style

Nowadays, front-pocket wallets have sure been overly popularized. Thanks to their variety of styles, one can never go back without finding the perfect wallet of their choice. Out of all kinds, you can pick one that best fits your preference.

2. Material

Probably the next most important thing is to check for the quality of the wallet since it is the only thing that'll help it survive for a more extended period. Of course, the leather should be genuine, durable, and comfortable when used. Withstanding the everyday wear and tear, along with good stiff material, will go a long way.

3. RFID Blocking

What's a wallet for if it doesn't protect you from identity theft? Think about it, good quality and style will surely be the best, but having no RFID-blocking technology will only prove to be a downside for the wallet. You may get unauthorized scans, and your cards might be put on a stack. For this reason, always look for built-in RFID protection in the wallet to have a safer experience wherever you go.

4. Dimensions

Remember when we talked about how the ideal size of front pocket wallets will always be smaller than ordinary wallets? You also need to pay attention to how many compartments and slots it consists of to hold everything in place without creating a mess every time you're at the checkout counter.

5. Closure

You might also be aware of the different types of closures that a wallet comprises; there is a magnetic closure, snap closure, a strap closure, and so on. The best option is the one that is more accessible and provides good security.


Now that you have read it all, you may have gotten the idea of how really a front pocket wallet should be, and we are sure you must've found the on

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